Min MTV stands for morons

What Does the “M” in MTV Stand For?

Seems anymore it 95% Morons and there shoes….and only 5% music



Fun At the Beach…….

by L. Roy Cletus

Scratching and having fun at the beachFun at the beach……..

Sometimes when scratching you come across an unpleasant surprise LOL

Tell her to roll over and the guy popping up may have hair on his head!!

Funny picture of some fun at the beach


Stop Pounding Your Whacker funny picture

Funny Picture – Stop Pounding Your Whacker……!

Real life funny picture of a  tag in the weed eater section of a store… Marketing at its finest….LOL

Ummmm……however, I am a little scared. The “Sharper Blade” company has a solution for me to “Stop Pounding My Whacker”…. as far as I am concerned they can keep their sharp blades far away from my whacker.

I guess they always could hire Lorena Bobbitt for their spokesperson though! LMFAO……(not the group mind you)

 Thanks to Beth for supplying this Funny Pictures!


Funny pics of a wooden bridge and beware of dog sign

Legit Old Wooden Bridge – Funny Pics

Yep….cause the dog is the big issue here??

I totally need a big moat around my house…..then that bridge to get to the door! Then I can see how motivated those solicitors really are…

Funny Pics of an old wooden bridge with a beware of dog sign